• 'Glamping" At Disney!

    On our Super Bowl Disney Trip I splurged a little and booked us at the Cabins at Fort Wilderness so as always I’m here to report back! I’m going to touch on my thoughts on the actually stay, our favorite things on property the Hoop Dee Doo and our thoughts on Trails End!

    I’ve always wanted to stay at the Cabins ever since I checked out Fort Wilderness for the first time when Courtney and I went to the Chip & Dale Campfire! FREE fun at Disney! You can check out a blog post about that here!

    The Cabins: The actually cabins are beautiful and HUGE! These would be perfect for a family but were a little big for just Chad and I but I expected that! We had a living room, full kitchen, bathroom and bedroom! Ours could of slept 6 including the pull out couch! Our trip was only 4 days so I was trying to cram in all the park time we could plus our Super Bowl celebrations so we didn’t spend a lot of time in the cabin which is a bit silly.


    • SPACE! Like I said there was SO much space in the Cabin!

    • Private & Peaceful! Because you’re in your own cabin it just felt more private than a hotel room and really feels like your not at Disney when you’re walking in the woods to your cabin!

    • Activities! There is so much do on this “resort”, they have different things going on at the pool all day, the hoop dee doo, the dining options, Chip & Dale Campfire! Next time I’d like to take a day to not go to the parks and just enjoy the resort!


    • Transportation. It’s very confusing. You have to take a bus to get to another bus to get to the parks. You could avoid this if you want to rent a golf cart but that’s another $70 a day which seems a bit high. But you take one bus to get to the bus stop for all parks except Magic Kingdom and then a different bus to the boat dock to get to Magic Kingdom which brings me to another concern your only options of transportation to Magic Kingdom is a boat which is nice but I don’t think it should be the only way. I talked to one family who her daughter was scared of boats.. Maybe I’m being dramatic but I just think a boat should a convenience option not the only option.

    That’s my only con, but I just feel for the price you pay transportation should be a bit easier.

    Hoop Dee Due Revue! I mentioned this on Instagram but this was a family tradition for Chad and his family on all his trips growing up and he talks about it all the time so I finally fit it into our plans and I am SO happy I did! This is a dinner and a show and needs to be booked in advance! At the time of booking you will be prompted to pick Category 1, 2 or 3 this is just where you’ll be sitting closer to the stage, further back or on the balcony and there is a small cost difference! I decided with Category 1 because I wanted to be as close as we could however the actors end up everywhere even the balcony so even with a Category 3 option you still might be part of the show!

    Price again depends on your seating selection but includes a family style meal so all you can eat and select alcohol!


    • Fried Chicken

    • Smoked BBQ pork ribs

    • Tossed Green Salad

    • Baked Beans

    • Mashed Potatoes

    • Corn

    • Cornbread

    • Strawberry Shortcake (save room for this!)

    You don’t have to be staying at Fort Wilderness to join in on this fun you could take an Uber or a bus from one of the parks to the bus stop and then take a bus to Pioneer Hall where Hoop Dee Doo is located! That let you in right at your time which is either 4, 6:15 or 8:30! We seriously had so much fun, my cheeks hurts from laughing! I loved it so much I actually just booked it again for my trip with my mom!

    (I will add if you have anxiety over being called out in a show this may not be the experience for you!)

    One more quick review! Trail’s End Restaurant! This was a last minute decision to snag a reservation here! (Literally 30 minutes beforehand) It was a buffet but oh my gosh it was SO good! I failed and didn’t take any pictures but I just wanted to quickly say we really enjoyed our dinner there and also heard breakfast is just as good if not better!

    Moral of all of this is go to the Hoop Dee Doo Revue because it’s like my new favorite things at Disney (besides Happily Ever After)

    Have you expereienced anything at Fort Wilderness?! Tell me in the comments below!

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  • Let's Go On A Wild Adventure!

    We tried another Disney Tour and I am here to report back! This most recent trip we decided to go on the Wild Africa Trek tour at Animal Kingdom! This tour was a 3 hours, included a snack, and a serious wild adventure! We booked this about a week in advance and ended up being the ONLY ones in our time slot, so really we had a private tour of Africa. They offered this tour multiple times a day, we went with the 9:30 option. According to the Disney website this tour is $189.00 - 249.00, ours with my Annual Pass Discount was $402.58 for the both of us with tax! All the pictures here were taken by our awesome guides and were included in the tour price to download!

    Alright it’s 9:30 am we are at Animal Kingdom and have checked in right next to the Safari ride! Signed some waivers (I assume saying if you fall off the very secured bridge and get eaten by a crocodile it’s not Disney’s fault), we were given a locker to hold some of our belonging including my watch, magic bands and any loose items! We were allowed to bring our cell phones, sunglasses, ears (or hats). We met our tour guides Meg and Meagan (they were AMAZING!) and got sized for our harnesses! Oh and we were provided a Wild Africa Trek water bottle that we got to keep after!

    We start our tour by walking through the back of the Safari and learning more in depth information about some of the animals you see on the Safari, so definitely get your questions ready! We got pretty close to some zebras which was cool and then some how ended up with the Hippos! You may have seen where we were standing from the Safari trucks! We met with one of the keepers of the hippos and he answered even more questions, we tried to feed them but they were just too tired (I completely understand ha)

    From there we continued our “hike” and we arrived at the infamous bridge over the hippos and then crocodile! We got hooked up and off we went!

    This bridge isn’t going anywhere, and there’s a net around the entire thing. HOWEVER if heights aren’t your thing this may not be for you! But for us we thought it was AWESOME! You walk across in singles and they space you out, so if you’re hoping for a romantic walk over the crocodiles with your significant other it’s not happening ha (but also it shakes with another person on the bridge so just NO, walk by yourself ha) After the bridge we then got even closer to the crocodiles! They are massive!

    We then got on our own Safari truck! We looked famous riding around the Safari just us in a truck! We learned more about the animals, and what real vs “Disney real” and no I’m telling you! We then stopped for a snack in Africa! If you’ve been on the Safari before you know the spot where we stop, right by the flamingos in that little hut!

    The snacks were fancy:

    • Air-dried beef and prosciutto

    • Smoked salmon roulade with dill

    • Fig cake with Boursin cheese

    • Brie cheese and apricot

    • Berry yogurt and dried cranberries

    • Fresh fruit marinated in mint and ginger

    Picky eaters this isn’t for you BUT if you talked to your guides before the tour begins I believe they will work with you the best they can! Chad however loved ALL of it! If the Afternoon tours they offer different options!

    We finished the tour with more information on the animals on the Safari in our own truck, unfortunately didn’t get to see an ostrich which only means we have to do the tour again hehe! We give this tour an A++! We loved it, Chad loved it so much he said he’d enjoyed this one more than Backstage Magic! SAY WHAT?!

    For more information on this tour and information to book visit here!

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  • Disconnect To Reconnect

    I’m SO excited to share this experience with you! I got the opportunity to spend some time in a Getaway House! Was a nice little reboot to start the New Year, to disconnect but really to reconnect. To connect to Chad, to creativity and to the start of 2019!

    They have Getaways from major cities including New York, DC, Atlanta, LA and the one we got to visit was from Boston. They are like tiny houses, but in the middle of the woods, making you feel like you escaped reality, they actually refer to them as Tiny Sanctuaries which they really are!

    The way Getaway sets everything up is so unique, you find out the address of your Getaway after you book it, then the day of your Getaway you get a text with your cabin name and a code to get in! Made it feel spontaneous, like “where are we going? I kinda know but not really but I do know it’s gonna be awesome!” Or at least that’s how I felt!

    We arrived at our cabin, “Ovida” was the name, but right next to ours was a Cabin named “Shelby”! (Photo Op! duh!)

    And what to do next? Put your phone away. We put both of ours on airplane more, and put them in the box provided in your cabin! We then explored around our cabin, built a fire (well Chad built the fire, I watched), had S’mores (duh!), cooked dinner over the fire, played an intense game of Scrabble (I WON! I NEVER WIN!), and most importantly enjoyed each other’s company!

    What To Bring:

    Overnight Essentials: you know clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste and all that good stuff. They do provide towels, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and that type of stuff!

    Food & Snacks are your choice: Getaway provides of number of foods and snacks for a charge if you’d like to pack light! We chose to bring some marinated Steak Tips, and Salad for dinner, and muffins for breakfast. They do provide all the cooking utensils as well as olive oil, salt & pepper, sugar, creamer and those types of items. The water from the cabins is good to drink. Oh and I should add they do have a mini fridge in the cabin but if you’re bringing a lot of items you’d like to keep cold I’d recommend bringing a cooler!

    Games: This is definitely not necessary however we did our Getaway in Winter in New England so there was snow on the ground so I didn’t know how long I’d last outside as it was a bit chilly! They did provide a deck of cards, and a little book with some games to play like 20 questions, I spy and things like that. But we chose to bring Scrabble and I’m glad we did, mainly because again I WON!

    Adventure: Don’t forget the most important part! One thing I am most thankful for with Chad is we both share the same amount of adventureness (I made up that word), we’re always down to try new things except I go skydiving and he will never! On our next getaway it will definitely be longer than one night so we go on hike or two. They provide you with locations near by your Getaway to take your next adventure!

    This Getaway is what you make of it, and we HIGHLY recommend. For us this was only a 30 minute drive yet we felt like we were somewhere new. This was such a nice way to disconnect, I’d like to do this more often maybe once a season? In New Hampshire our seasons are so different would probably look like a whole new place! Oh and I would like to add Chad was a little skeptical of this (because that’s just him) like he brought Clorox Wipes in fear it was going to be so dirty, and it was SO clean. Like for a cabin in the middle of the woods it felt as though we were the first ones in it!

    Thank you again Getaway for this opportunity! We can’t wait to visit again!

     Interested in going on your own Getaway? Use Code: PIXIELEE25 to save $25 when booking!

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  • Backstage Magic

    Last month Chad and I decided to last minute take the Backstage Magic tour at Walt Disney World! So now I’m here to give you all the information about it but not too much information because I don’t want to ruin it for you if you are planning on taking it! This tour is run by Adventures By Disney, and must be booked in advance. This tour is 7 hours long and is $275 per person which includes lunch, they do however offer Annual Pass Discounts!

    You DO NOT need park admission to go on this so it starts outside of Epcot and ends outside of Epcot, and you would need a park ticket to get in for the rest of the afternoon if you want to do that! To go from location to location they provide a coach bus, which has snacks and bottled water on board. Cameras were not allowed in any of the backstage areas, all photos included in this post were taken by our tour guides and uploaded for us to download for free after the tour!

    First Stop…

    EPCOT: After check in we boarded the bus and headed to the back of Epcot, right behind the American Pavilion. We then walked in the backstage of the American Adventure show where we learned how that show works, and saw how intricate the animatronics were!

    (We did not sit and watch the entire show, not gonna lie I use the American Adventure as nap time on hot days but all the information we learned may keep me awake next time I have time to enjoy that show!)

    On to stop two!

    CREATIVE COSTUMING: This may have been my favorite stop (maybe). The costuming department is on Disney Property but not at any of the parks, it used to be located at Hollywood Studios but now has it’s own location. We got to see all the steps for designing all the costumes in the parks, from characters, to cast members. I will say it’s a lot more than just taking a pattern and making a dress there are SO many steps and SO many people involved in each costume, truly was AMAZING!

    Next stop... LAUNDRY FACILITY: Yes we went to a laundry facility on a paid tour… but it was SO MUCH COOLER than it sounds! The facility we went to was just for the Deluxe Resorts where they washed all the bedding and towels. This place was HUGE, and the system they have is just unreal. They can dry 300 pounds of towels in 20 minutes, what. One more interesting fact even the mousekeepers carts go in a cart wash each day! We learned so much at this stop, it was just so fascinating!

    Fourth Stop….

    LUNCH, Whispering Canyon Cafe, at Wilderness Lodge Resort: As I mentioned prior lunch is included in the price of the tour. We enjoyed a family style meal which included, pulled pork, BBQ ribs, and chicken as well as green beans, mashed potatoes and corn bread. We also were served a peach cobbler with ice cream for dessert that was delicious! If you are unable to take this tour I would still recommend trying Whispering Canyon Cafe, it’s more than just a meal it’s also an experience as the servers joke around with you, you’ll see what I mean if you visit and ask for ketchup!

    (I will add they do accommodate dietary restrictions of any sort, we were asked that when we checked in for the tour at the beginning of the day!)

    Continuing on to our tour with the fifth stop..

    CENTRAL SHOPS: I know I said Creative Costuming was my favorite stop but ignore that, this was my favorite stop! This was a GIANT mechanic shop that works on pretty much everything! Just some of the things we saw was a cart from Spaceship Earth, and Space Mountain, a Triceratop Spin Dinosaur, and a cart from Primeval Whirl! Maybe the coolest thing we saw was an Elephant from the Jungle Cruise getting new skin! Chad however thought the paint room was the coolest BUT he’s a store manager for Sherwin Williams so he geeks out over paint ha! We also learned so much about the safety that goes into each part of the rides, and so much more! Very interesting!

    Onto the final stop..


    MAGIC KINGDOM: This is the part everyone was waiting for and everyone wants to see. The first floor of Magic Kingdom! The tunnels! This was just cool to see because I feel like you always wonder what it looks like. We were down there right when Festival of Fantasy ended so we saw the performers wandering around, including Princess Anna just casually carrying her wig (I know they are just young ladies like myself but still ha). I have done the Keys To The Kingdom tour as well a couple years back so this wasn’t my first time in the tunnels but it’s still very neat each time! (Here’s a secret: I really just want to see like Mickey walking around carrying his head or something like that HAHA)

    Overall we would highly recommend this tour, we even said we would take it again in a couple years just to learn more behind the scene interesting facts! As always I’m happy to answer any additional questions, ask away in the comments! We’d like to start doing a new tour on our future trips, have you done any tours at the parks?! Tell me in the comments!

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  • Is a Disney Cruise really worth it?

    So I was lucky enough to go on both a Disney Cruise and Carnival Cruise within the last 6 months and I’m here to give you my honest opinion on both!

    Disney Cruise Line: I set sail on my first Disney Cruise in August on the Disney Dream.  This a quick 3 day cruise, we left from Port Canaveral, FL and sailed to Nassau Bahamas and Disney’s private island Castaway Cay.

    Carnival Cruise Line: I set sail on my first Carnival Cruise in November on the Carnival Sensation. This was a 10 day cruise! (Actually 2 5-days back to back, but we stayed on the same ship) We left from Miami FL and stopped at Ocho Rios Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Amber Cove Dominican Republic, and Grand Turk.

    We’d be here all day if I went and on and on about each cruise so I’m going to pick some topics to touch on for both! Before even going into this I’d like to point out that our 10 day Carnival Cruise was about $800 cheaper than the 3 day Disney Cruise so you definitely get what you pay for but I expected that. We were also on the 2nd oldest ship in the fleet of Carnival ships so I also feel that I can’t give a fair opinion.

    Food: MY FAVORITE! Both ships had really good food! Disney definitely had more options but also I never went hungry on Carnival so they had plenty of options. On Disney soft drinks are included, but on Carnival that was an additional charge which didn’t bother me as I don’t drink soda. Carnival includes water, lemonade and ice tea. If I was to pick which ship had better food I don’t think I could pick.

    Entertainment: Disney wins this hands down, but it’s Disney so if I didn’t think this I would be concerned. We got to see the Broadway show Beauty & The Beast one night and it was unbelievable! Best Broadway show I have ever seen to be honest. Of course there are characters out and about each day in different outfits which is so fun, and one thing DCL is known for is fireworks off this ship which is kinda crazy if you really think about it. Also lots of fun entertainment in the lounges and clubs each day and night.

                    I’m not at all saying Carnival doesn’t have good entertainment because they definitely did with fun shows happening every night after dinner, and lots of other options happening during the day like Bingo, Trivia and more.

    Customer Service: We had exceptional customer service on both Cruises. Everyone on board went above and beyond to make sure you were happy. I will say on Carnival we had an amazing Cruise Director, Kevin who truly made that cruise what it was. I expect good customer service traveling Disney and this was no exception.

    Crowds: I felt it was much more crowded on Carnival and I think this is why. When we sailed DCL we were with Adults only and DCL offers a lot of areas that are Adult Only including pools, hot tubs, bars, lounges and clubs. Now MOST people traveling DCL are traveling with little ones (understandable) and unless they send the kids to the kids clubs they can’t take advantage of these areas which left them open for us! Most peoples concern when traveling DCL (Chad included) was there was going to be children everywhere and we didn’t feel that way at all. Now Carnival also has an adult only hot tub BUT there were a lot more people at these areas so it felt crowded all the time. But AGAIN we were on the 2nd to older ship in the fleet which also means a smaller ship so I have heard other ships have more to offer!

    Destinations: I’m not going to touch much on this as the stops are what you make of them, and depends what you want to see. Castaway Cay is hands down amazing, an island with a touch of Disney is what dreams are made of if you ask me. However with the excursions we booked on our Carnival Cruise we had so much fun at our stops! If you have any questions regarding the stops I’d be happy to answer them for you!

    So which cruise line will we sail with again? BOTH! Ha But we will choose Carnival more just because of price we already have another booked in November 2019! However before getting off the Disney Dream we put money down to go on another within the next 2 years so we’ll see DCL soon too!

    What did I miss? I’d be happy to answer any other questions I didn’t touch! Comment below!

    xoxo & magical wishes

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