• I Might Not Be Cinderella But I Love A Good Pair Of Shoes!

    Cinderella once said “a pair of shoes can change your life”, I must not have found that pair yet and that’s why I buy shoes weekly? Or maybe I just really like shoes. Some may say I have too many and maybe I’ll agree however that’s not gonna stop me! 
    Let’s talk about some of my favorite shoes! I found an artist on Instagram, Shannon and she hand-paints shoes. She is seriously so incredibly talented and I am now lucky enough to own 4 pairs of shoes from her! And I just have to showcase them all! Warning: pictures don’t do them justice because they’re seriously unreal, the little details are amazing. These are masterpieces on your feet! 
    Pair #1: FROZEN MEETS MAGIC KINGDOM! I make it known my favorite Disney movie is Frozen, and I wish I was Anna and could find my own Kristoff with a pet reindeer and my best friend could be Olaf. I also wish I lived in Magic Kingdom so these shoes say all of that. These were painted on Vans! I mean look at the backs! SO cute! 
    Pair #2: HOCKEY IS LIFE! Everyone knows I love Disney, but I love the Boston Bruins even more. So I had this crazy idea and asked Shannon about it. I think my exact words were “this is probably impossible but I have an idea for another pair of shoes, to have the Boston skyline and Brad Marchand” and she was like “oh I for sure can do that” and I’m like “WHAT?!” And then they come in the mail and I’m like HOW?! Not gonna lie, of my 4 pairs these are my favorite! These were done on Keds AKA my favorite brand of shoe EVER. 
    Pair #3: DISNEYLAND VS DISNEY WORLD! Walt Disney World is my “home” park but after my first visit to Disneyland I fell in love with California Adventure especially the World Of Color show! That’s what inspired this pair! Besides all the little details of the castle I think my favorite part of these are the fireworks and water in the world of color show! And they have GLITTER! These were again done on Vans!
    Pair #4: GOAT: GREATEST OF ALL TIME! Well of course if I had a pair of shoes for the Bruins then I need one for my 5x Super Bowl Champions! These were a more simple pair but I don’t like them any less, and they make my game day outfits the cutest! I literally where these every game day! And of course I left room for Lombardi #6, I’ll just send them back to Shannon for a little update.
    Shannon is SO incredibly talented! You can follow her on Instagram to be is awe daily of her work! Follow Her! 
    Or you can get your own pair here!
    Do you have your own idea for a pair of hand painted shoes?! I’d love to know what you’d get?! I'm already dreaming up my next pair! Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Why Pixie Lee?!

    As most of you have always know me as Café Forty Seven let's talk WHY Pixie Lee & Co?!

    I started this business back in 2013 creating mugs and nothing magical about them, most weren't even Disney inspired! Even mugs turned into vinyl tees, and then everything magical! That took off which then became screen printed tees and here we are!

    It took about 5 years but I NOW, finally after far to long found my brand and what it looks like! Motivating, empowering and magical! Tees for those following their dreams and unlocking their own magic! Café Forty Seven just didn't fit that look anymore, and bam! Pixie Lee & Co. was born!

    What's a Pixie? According to google, "

    a supernatural being in folklore and children's stories". I'd have to agree but a Pixie is also full of Pixie Dust AKA Glitter!, and magical and whimsical and maybe a little sassy! Lee is my middle name which seems fitting for the brand I created! When thinking of a new name I just wanted something that was ME but magical and whimsical and represented my NEW brand and I think Pixie Lee & Co. fits perfect!

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  • Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip & Dale!

    FREE ENTERTAINMENT AT WALT DISNEY WORLD! Great I got your attention so let's jump right into this! You read that right, FREE! The Chip to my Dale (Courtney) and I saw something about how Chip and Dale have a campfire and you cook s'mores with them, they do it every night at 7 pm at Fort Wilderness Campground on Disney property. Okay great, S'mores + Chip & Dale = Dream Come True. But it was MUCH MUCH MORE!

    Again it's at the Fort Wilderness Campground and you don't have to be staying there to enjoy this! (Helpful tip: if you are using Disney Transportation you can take a boat from the Contemporary or Wilderness Lodge! So get on the monorail to the Contemporary and go from there!) We arrived at the campground and this place is HUGE! I had no idea, but it was also very awesome and I want to rent a golf cart and just drive around the whole place, I would also like to buy a camper and live there but anyways..... To get back to where the festivities are happening you have to take one of the buses! They recommended we take the Orange Line but we ended up on the Yellow and got there just fine. (Ask a cast member/bus drivers for more info on this)

    So we arrive to "Chip 'n Dale's Campfire Sing-A-Long" and realize this is LEGIT. There is a small stage, LOTS of seating, 2 fire pits and a FOOD TRUCK! Naturally we head right to the food truck, they had a little bit of everything burgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, snacks, BEER, and a S'more kit! I know, I know sounds like a dream. (It was) The S'more kit was $9.99 and came with a bellyache of marshmallows (seriously way too many), 2 Hersey chocolate bars, a sleeve of graham crackers and 2 marshmallow cooking sticks! We got some dinner and then picked a seat, us being us go for front row in the dead center. I'll remind you at this point we still really didn't know what to expect.

    Now the show is about to start, a very nice man came out with a cowboy hat and a guitar and I was in my element! He hopped up on stage and just started singing some tunes, asking the crowd to join in (we did, most didn't) and he made very funny terrible jokes. He then invited Chip & Dale out (cue the fan girl screams from us). They got up on stage with him for a quick minute and then came down into the crowd and met everyone for hugs and photo ops! AMAZING! The cowboy kept singing songs and eventually everyone including Chip & Dale did the hokey pokey! It was seriously a great time, and FREE. I would say the show lasted about a half hour, and once it was over they played a movie, I would guess the movie is different every night! We didn't stay for the movie, just went over to the fire pit to make a few s'mores and talk this hidden gem!

    We would both 100% recommend this, granted we are bias as we are in love with Chip & Dale & S'mores. It seems they do this every night at 7 pm weather pending of course! If you have free time during your next trip I would definitely recommend it!

    Do you have a favorite "hidden gem" on Disney property? Let me know in the comments below!

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