Let's Go On A Wild Adventure!

We tried another Disney Tour and I am here to report back! This most recent trip we decided to go on the Wild Africa Trek tour at Animal Kingdom! This tour was a 3 hours, included a snack, and a serious wild adventure! We booked this about a week in advance and ended up being the ONLY ones in our time slot, so really we had a private tour of Africa. They offered this tour multiple times a day, we went with the 9:30 option. According to the Disney website this tour is $189.00 - 249.00, ours with my Annual Pass Discount was $402.58 for the both of us with tax! All the pictures here were taken by our awesome guides and were included in the tour price to download!

Alright it’s 9:30 am we are at Animal Kingdom and have checked in right next to the Safari ride! Signed some waivers (I assume saying if you fall off the very secured bridge and get eaten by a crocodile it’s not Disney’s fault), we were given a locker to hold some of our belonging including my watch, magic bands and any loose items! We were allowed to bring our cell phones, sunglasses, ears (or hats). We met our tour guides Meg and Meagan (they were AMAZING!) and got sized for our harnesses! Oh and we were provided a Wild Africa Trek water bottle that we got to keep after!

We start our tour by walking through the back of the Safari and learning more in depth information about some of the animals you see on the Safari, so definitely get your questions ready! We got pretty close to some zebras which was cool and then some how ended up with the Hippos! You may have seen where we were standing from the Safari trucks! We met with one of the keepers of the hippos and he answered even more questions, we tried to feed them but they were just too tired (I completely understand ha)

From there we continued our “hike” and we arrived at the infamous bridge over the hippos and then crocodile! We got hooked up and off we went!

This bridge isn’t going anywhere, and there’s a net around the entire thing. HOWEVER if heights aren’t your thing this may not be for you! But for us we thought it was AWESOME! You walk across in singles and they space you out, so if you’re hoping for a romantic walk over the crocodiles with your significant other it’s not happening ha (but also it shakes with another person on the bridge so just NO, walk by yourself ha) After the bridge we then got even closer to the crocodiles! They are massive!

We then got on our own Safari truck! We looked famous riding around the Safari just us in a truck! We learned more about the animals, and what real vs “Disney real” and no I’m telling you! We then stopped for a snack in Africa! If you’ve been on the Safari before you know the spot where we stop, right by the flamingos in that little hut!

The snacks were fancy:

  • Air-dried beef and prosciutto

  • Smoked salmon roulade with dill

  • Fig cake with Boursin cheese

  • Brie cheese and apricot

  • Berry yogurt and dried cranberries

  • Fresh fruit marinated in mint and ginger

Picky eaters this isn’t for you BUT if you talked to your guides before the tour begins I believe they will work with you the best they can! Chad however loved ALL of it! If the Afternoon tours they offer different options!

We finished the tour with more information on the animals on the Safari in our own truck, unfortunately didn’t get to see an ostrich which only means we have to do the tour again hehe! We give this tour an A++! We loved it, Chad loved it so much he said he’d enjoyed this one more than Backstage Magic! SAY WHAT?!

For more information on this tour and information to book visit here!

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