Is a Disney Cruise really worth it?

So I was lucky enough to go on both a Disney Cruise and Carnival Cruise within the last 6 months and I’m here to give you my honest opinion on both!

Disney Cruise Line: I set sail on my first Disney Cruise in August on the Disney Dream.  This a quick 3 day cruise, we left from Port Canaveral, FL and sailed to Nassau Bahamas and Disney’s private island Castaway Cay.

Carnival Cruise Line: I set sail on my first Carnival Cruise in November on the Carnival Sensation. This was a 10 day cruise! (Actually 2 5-days back to back, but we stayed on the same ship) We left from Miami FL and stopped at Ocho Rios Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Amber Cove Dominican Republic, and Grand Turk.

We’d be here all day if I went and on and on about each cruise so I’m going to pick some topics to touch on for both! Before even going into this I’d like to point out that our 10 day Carnival Cruise was about $800 cheaper than the 3 day Disney Cruise so you definitely get what you pay for but I expected that. We were also on the 2nd oldest ship in the fleet of Carnival ships so I also feel that I can’t give a fair opinion.

Food: MY FAVORITE! Both ships had really good food! Disney definitely had more options but also I never went hungry on Carnival so they had plenty of options. On Disney soft drinks are included, but on Carnival that was an additional charge which didn’t bother me as I don’t drink soda. Carnival includes water, lemonade and ice tea. If I was to pick which ship had better food I don’t think I could pick.

Entertainment: Disney wins this hands down, but it’s Disney so if I didn’t think this I would be concerned. We got to see the Broadway show Beauty & The Beast one night and it was unbelievable! Best Broadway show I have ever seen to be honest. Of course there are characters out and about each day in different outfits which is so fun, and one thing DCL is known for is fireworks off this ship which is kinda crazy if you really think about it. Also lots of fun entertainment in the lounges and clubs each day and night.

                I’m not at all saying Carnival doesn’t have good entertainment because they definitely did with fun shows happening every night after dinner, and lots of other options happening during the day like Bingo, Trivia and more.

Customer Service: We had exceptional customer service on both Cruises. Everyone on board went above and beyond to make sure you were happy. I will say on Carnival we had an amazing Cruise Director, Kevin who truly made that cruise what it was. I expect good customer service traveling Disney and this was no exception.

Crowds: I felt it was much more crowded on Carnival and I think this is why. When we sailed DCL we were with Adults only and DCL offers a lot of areas that are Adult Only including pools, hot tubs, bars, lounges and clubs. Now MOST people traveling DCL are traveling with little ones (understandable) and unless they send the kids to the kids clubs they can’t take advantage of these areas which left them open for us! Most peoples concern when traveling DCL (Chad included) was there was going to be children everywhere and we didn’t feel that way at all. Now Carnival also has an adult only hot tub BUT there were a lot more people at these areas so it felt crowded all the time. But AGAIN we were on the 2nd to older ship in the fleet which also means a smaller ship so I have heard other ships have more to offer!

Destinations: I’m not going to touch much on this as the stops are what you make of them, and depends what you want to see. Castaway Cay is hands down amazing, an island with a touch of Disney is what dreams are made of if you ask me. However with the excursions we booked on our Carnival Cruise we had so much fun at our stops! If you have any questions regarding the stops I’d be happy to answer them for you!

So which cruise line will we sail with again? BOTH! Ha But we will choose Carnival more just because of price we already have another booked in November 2019! However before getting off the Disney Dream we put money down to go on another within the next 2 years so we’ll see DCL soon too!

What did I miss? I’d be happy to answer any other questions I didn’t touch! Comment below!

xoxo & magical wishes

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