Disconnect To Reconnect

I’m SO excited to share this experience with you! I got the opportunity to spend some time in a Getaway House! Was a nice little reboot to start the New Year, to disconnect but really to reconnect. To connect to Chad, to creativity and to the start of 2019!

They have Getaways from major cities including New York, DC, Atlanta, LA and the one we got to visit was from Boston. They are like tiny houses, but in the middle of the woods, making you feel like you escaped reality, they actually refer to them as Tiny Sanctuaries which they really are!

The way Getaway sets everything up is so unique, you find out the address of your Getaway after you book it, then the day of your Getaway you get a text with your cabin name and a code to get in! Made it feel spontaneous, like “where are we going? I kinda know but not really but I do know it’s gonna be awesome!” Or at least that’s how I felt!

We arrived at our cabin, “Ovida” was the name, but right next to ours was a Cabin named “Shelby”! (Photo Op! duh!)

And what to do next? Put your phone away. We put both of ours on airplane more, and put them in the box provided in your cabin! We then explored around our cabin, built a fire (well Chad built the fire, I watched), had S’mores (duh!), cooked dinner over the fire, played an intense game of Scrabble (I WON! I NEVER WIN!), and most importantly enjoyed each other’s company!

What To Bring:

Overnight Essentials: you know clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste and all that good stuff. They do provide towels, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and that type of stuff!

Food & Snacks are your choice: Getaway provides of number of foods and snacks for a charge if you’d like to pack light! We chose to bring some marinated Steak Tips, and Salad for dinner, and muffins for breakfast. They do provide all the cooking utensils as well as olive oil, salt & pepper, sugar, creamer and those types of items. The water from the cabins is good to drink. Oh and I should add they do have a mini fridge in the cabin but if you’re bringing a lot of items you’d like to keep cold I’d recommend bringing a cooler!

Games: This is definitely not necessary however we did our Getaway in Winter in New England so there was snow on the ground so I didn’t know how long I’d last outside as it was a bit chilly! They did provide a deck of cards, and a little book with some games to play like 20 questions, I spy and things like that. But we chose to bring Scrabble and I’m glad we did, mainly because again I WON!

Adventure: Don’t forget the most important part! One thing I am most thankful for with Chad is we both share the same amount of adventureness (I made up that word), we’re always down to try new things except I go skydiving and he will never! On our next getaway it will definitely be longer than one night so we go on hike or two. They provide you with locations near by your Getaway to take your next adventure!

This Getaway is what you make of it, and we HIGHLY recommend. For us this was only a 30 minute drive yet we felt like we were somewhere new. This was such a nice way to disconnect, I’d like to do this more often maybe once a season? In New Hampshire our seasons are so different would probably look like a whole new place! Oh and I would like to add Chad was a little skeptical of this (because that’s just him) like he brought Clorox Wipes in fear it was going to be so dirty, and it was SO clean. Like for a cabin in the middle of the woods it felt as though we were the first ones in it!

Thank you again Getaway for this opportunity! We can’t wait to visit again!

 Interested in going on your own Getaway? Use Code: PIXIELEE25 to save $25 when booking! https://getaway.house

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