Backstage Magic

Last month Chad and I decided to last minute take the Backstage Magic tour at Walt Disney World! So now I’m here to give you all the information about it but not too much information because I don’t want to ruin it for you if you are planning on taking it! This tour is run by Adventures By Disney, and must be booked in advance. This tour is 7 hours long and is $275 per person which includes lunch, they do however offer Annual Pass Discounts!

You DO NOT need park admission to go on this so it starts outside of Epcot and ends outside of Epcot, and you would need a park ticket to get in for the rest of the afternoon if you want to do that! To go from location to location they provide a coach bus, which has snacks and bottled water on board. Cameras were not allowed in any of the backstage areas, all photos included in this post were taken by our tour guides and uploaded for us to download for free after the tour!

First Stop…

EPCOT: After check in we boarded the bus and headed to the back of Epcot, right behind the American Pavilion. We then walked in the backstage of the American Adventure show where we learned how that show works, and saw how intricate the animatronics were!

(We did not sit and watch the entire show, not gonna lie I use the American Adventure as nap time on hot days but all the information we learned may keep me awake next time I have time to enjoy that show!)

On to stop two!

CREATIVE COSTUMING: This may have been my favorite stop (maybe). The costuming department is on Disney Property but not at any of the parks, it used to be located at Hollywood Studios but now has it’s own location. We got to see all the steps for designing all the costumes in the parks, from characters, to cast members. I will say it’s a lot more than just taking a pattern and making a dress there are SO many steps and SO many people involved in each costume, truly was AMAZING!

Next stop... LAUNDRY FACILITY: Yes we went to a laundry facility on a paid tour… but it was SO MUCH COOLER than it sounds! The facility we went to was just for the Deluxe Resorts where they washed all the bedding and towels. This place was HUGE, and the system they have is just unreal. They can dry 300 pounds of towels in 20 minutes, what. One more interesting fact even the mousekeepers carts go in a cart wash each day! We learned so much at this stop, it was just so fascinating!

Fourth Stop….

LUNCH, Whispering Canyon Cafe, at Wilderness Lodge Resort: As I mentioned prior lunch is included in the price of the tour. We enjoyed a family style meal which included, pulled pork, BBQ ribs, and chicken as well as green beans, mashed potatoes and corn bread. We also were served a peach cobbler with ice cream for dessert that was delicious! If you are unable to take this tour I would still recommend trying Whispering Canyon Cafe, it’s more than just a meal it’s also an experience as the servers joke around with you, you’ll see what I mean if you visit and ask for ketchup!

(I will add they do accommodate dietary restrictions of any sort, we were asked that when we checked in for the tour at the beginning of the day!)

Continuing on to our tour with the fifth stop..

CENTRAL SHOPS: I know I said Creative Costuming was my favorite stop but ignore that, this was my favorite stop! This was a GIANT mechanic shop that works on pretty much everything! Just some of the things we saw was a cart from Spaceship Earth, and Space Mountain, a Triceratop Spin Dinosaur, and a cart from Primeval Whirl! Maybe the coolest thing we saw was an Elephant from the Jungle Cruise getting new skin! Chad however thought the paint room was the coolest BUT he’s a store manager for Sherwin Williams so he geeks out over paint ha! We also learned so much about the safety that goes into each part of the rides, and so much more! Very interesting!

Onto the final stop..


MAGIC KINGDOM: This is the part everyone was waiting for and everyone wants to see. The first floor of Magic Kingdom! The tunnels! This was just cool to see because I feel like you always wonder what it looks like. We were down there right when Festival of Fantasy ended so we saw the performers wandering around, including Princess Anna just casually carrying her wig (I know they are just young ladies like myself but still ha). I have done the Keys To The Kingdom tour as well a couple years back so this wasn’t my first time in the tunnels but it’s still very neat each time! (Here’s a secret: I really just want to see like Mickey walking around carrying his head or something like that HAHA)

Overall we would highly recommend this tour, we even said we would take it again in a couple years just to learn more behind the scene interesting facts! As always I’m happy to answer any additional questions, ask away in the comments! We’d like to start doing a new tour on our future trips, have you done any tours at the parks?! Tell me in the comments!

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