Why Pixie Lee?!

As most of you have always know me as Café Forty Seven let's talk WHY Pixie Lee & Co?!

I started this business back in 2013 creating mugs and nothing magical about them, most weren't even Disney inspired! Even mugs turned into vinyl tees, and then everything magical! That took off which then became screen printed tees and here we are!

It took about 5 years but I NOW, finally after far to long found my brand and what it looks like! Motivating, empowering and magical! Tees for those following their dreams and unlocking their own magic! Café Forty Seven just didn't fit that look anymore, and bam! Pixie Lee & Co. was born!

What's a Pixie? According to google, "

a supernatural being in folklore and children's stories". I'd have to agree but a Pixie is also full of Pixie Dust AKA Glitter!, and magical and whimsical and maybe a little sassy! Lee is my middle name which seems fitting for the brand I created! When thinking of a new name I just wanted something that was ME but magical and whimsical and represented my NEW brand and I think Pixie Lee & Co. fits perfect!


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